Allspan Industrial Buildings are suitable for many purposes,   including Manufacturing Units, Workshops , Offices, or just   extra storage
designed to the client's specifications.

Allspan Industrial Buildings supply buildings using a Portal   Frame method for maximum space and flexibility.   Buildings constructed from this Portal Frame method are   strong, durable, inexpensive, easy to erect and also   maintenance FREE.

Because our systems are totally flexible and adaptable, we   can work to your requirements to provide the ideal   building  to suit your requirements, and because your    Allspan Industrial Building is designed so that the internal   walls are not load bearing, the interior layout can be   quickly and economically altered at any time to suit your
requirements, should your needs change.

               Why Choose AllSpan Buildings Limited:

   40 years of portal framed building design and manufacturing
experience producing top quality products at factory-direct prices.
   Personalized service from trained technicians who will respond to your inquiry, discuss your needs, and individually design to your specifications.
   Made only from the highest quality commercial steel galvanised.
   Precision manufacturing and design meeting or exceeding industry standards.
   We have completed many buildings to date, ranging in size from 500 sq ft - 50,000 sq ft.
   We adhere strictly to all the latest Health and Safety Regulations.
   Efficient scheduling, and delivery.
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