For over 40 years, the owners of the AllSpan Buildings Ltd. manufacturing   facilities have designed and fabricated the highest quality portal framed steel   buildings. We are dedicated to producing portal framed steel buildings that not   only allow for easy assembly, but are designed to give you years of maintenance   free service at the most affordable price.

" We have developed a solid relationship with all our suppliers to    make sure that we always have the materials on hand to    complete  your project and keep you on schedule ".

AllSpan Buildings Ltd. is proud of the fact that every employee of the company is   dedicated to providing the best service before, during, and after your steel   building purchase. Whether your building is for a small workshop, warehouse, car   showroom, office or large superstore, AllSpan Buildings Ltd., engineering,   manufacturing and customer service departments' focus is on ensuring you are   satisfied with every aspect of your steel building experience.

Because our systems are totally flexible and adaptable, we can work to your   requirements to provide the ideal building to suit your requirements, and   because your AllSpan building is designed so that the internal walls are not load   bearing, the interior layout can be quickly and economically altered at any time   to suit your requirements, should your needs change.

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